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Constant Speed Buggy  

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The most popular physics laboratory 'toy' on the market!   Used in PTRA and MODELING workshops. This flip over buggy runs with constant speed and glowing headlights and blinking taillight. Vary friction with removeable tire tread.  Requires two "C" batteries (not included) to run at full speed.  Use a conducting slug (as simple as foil-wrapped cardboard!) in place of one of the batteries and run the buggy at half speed...with half-speed blinking lights. Combine with our M-26 Stopwatch for data collection.  Body construction is plastic.  Length: 17 cm.  

RED/BLUE - SHIPS 10/06/14!

Classic buggy described above.  Sold in any quantity desired. 



RED/BLUE Set of 12 - SHIPS 10/6/14!

Buy 11, get 1 free!  Twelve M-09-F buggies packaged in two colors (6 red and 6 blue).  Many instructors like to place two batteries in one set of 6 for fast buggies and one battery in the other set for slow buggy data comparisons. 



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